About Founder, Joey Molis

April 23rd 2007: 23 days into my second combat deployment.

My world would change and I couldn’t do anything about it. Corporal Joseph Molis, a leader of Marines, always in control – and at this moment, I had zero. I went from being with three of my best Marines on a vehicle mounted patrol in the city of Fallujah, Iraq, to being transferred from Iraq to Germany and finally to the United States with combat-related injuries. 

Shortly after arriving in the United States I found out that we were hit by an improvised explosive device and that we lost both Lcpl. Dale Peterson and Lcpl. Johnathan Kirk. Everything that mattered most to me had been taken away and I was helpless in a hospital bed with a traumatic brain injury from the explosion. Two months before the accident I had married the girl of my dreams and yet I couldn’t even remember her name when she arrived at the hospital or perform simple math like counting to twenty. I had the patience of a three year-old and a family that only wanted to love me.

March 28th 2008: the day I was released from the Marine Corps with a Purple Heart and Honorable Discharge.

I set out on a path of destruction and didn’t want to love or be loved by anyone. I was empty on the inside and full of responsibilities, namely being a husband and a father of two young boys, Landon and Cash. The only thing I could do was drink my problems away and that was the only time I felt free, so why not? With the drinking came the verbal abuse to my wife and I repeatedly crushed her by my lack of faithfulness. In 2012, my birthday fell on the Saturday before Easter and I landed myself in jail for the third time since my release from the Marine Corps.  I couldn’t remember how I got there but my then four year-old son witnessed it and told me “Dad, you didn’t want to share your root beer.” I was released the next day, on Easter, and decided I didn’t want to be that person anymore so I quit using alcohol cold turkey.

With a clear head and an open mind, I was introduced to a gentleman by the name of Chad Robichaux, founder of the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs. I agreed to register for the program and attended soon after. Upon arriving on day one he asked me two simple questions, “At what point in your life did you become a man?” and “If what you’re doing now isn’t working, why not try something different?” I couldn’t answer the first question so he gave me the tools I needed to become a man, the very man I was was designed to be before I was even born. He gave me a gift that would change my life for eternity, The Holy Bible.

 I sit here today a man of Christ, married eight years to Lauren and a father of three boys and a new baby girl. I was baptized in the Jordan River and gave my life to Christ in June 2013. I found out that if I put Him first everything else falls into place. If there’s one thing you take from my story just know that with Christ anything is possible.

Matthew 19:26 - Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

This is a short documentary on the God Story Joey and his wife Lauren have to share about how they came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and how their traumatic life circumstances like his injury through the military shaped their first year of marriage.